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•  Electronic platform scale instrument maintenance tips [2019-6-11]
     We should pay more attention when using the electronic platform scale instrument, and try to avoid damage to the electronic platform scale instrument caused by improper operation. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the maintenance methods of electronic platfo
•  Application range of automatic sorting checkweigher [2019-6-11]
     The automatic sorting checkweigher is mainly used for automatic weight detection, on-line identification or weight grading selection in various automated packaging lines. It is widely used in online high-speed packaging of pharmaceutical, food, health care pro
•  Application of electronic scales in the express delivery [2019-6-11]
     "Broken Eight", "Butterfly Effect", "CPI", and many new words and phrases in recent rounds bombarded people's hearts that were not calm. A few days ago, the oil price just broke eight o'clock, and some car owners expressed resentment, and the car-free family c
•  Development status and trend of electronic scale weighin [2019-6-11]
     Electronic scales are the product of the development of modern sensor technology. Nowadays, it has developed towards miniaturization, modularization, integration, intelligence, comprehensiveness and combination. Therefore, the electronic scale industry has a g
•  How to operate the electronic balance scale? [2019-6-11]
     1. The balance should be placed on a stable, fixed workbench. When placing it, observe the level. If the blisters are offset, adjust the leveling feet so that the blisters are at the center of the level. 2. Do not use sharp objects (such as pencils, ballpoint

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