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Application of electronic scales in the express delivery industry

Issuing time:2019/6/11 13:58:11

"Broken Eight", "Butterfly Effect", "CPI", and many new words and phrases in recent rounds bombarded people's hearts that were not calm. A few days ago, the oil price just broke eight o'clock, and some car owners expressed resentment, and the car-free family could still ridicule several times. Now the butterfly effect is reappearing, and people who have seen the fire from the other side suddenly find out that this rising fire has already burned on themselves.

The CPI rebounded more than expected, and many of the livelihood products led by vegetables and edible oils were fierce. Under this circumstance, ordinary residents may still be able to save money, but it is a little difficult for enterprises. Raw materials generally rose, especially the rise in oil prices, first let the express industry can not hold the electronic platform scale.

It is reported that this price increase is a big increase in the express delivery industry in recent years. The rise in oil prices is the initiator of pushing up the cost of the express delivery industry, but experts also pointed out that the price increase will reduce the amount of online shopping transactions, and then the loss of small and medium express outlet customers will eventually affect the development of the entire industry. Therefore, for the express delivery industry, the simple price increase can only solve the urgent need, not a perfect policy.

Then, in addition to the oil price of rigid demand, where can there be controllable costs can be adjusted? Careful consideration of the whole process of express turnover....... Yes, it is the cost of weighing. Weighing is one of the main tasks of the express delivery industry. Documents up to several hundred kilograms and documents as small as several hundred grams need to be weighed.

  We first comb the express delivery steps, express delivery recipients pick-up (hook scales) ¡ú business network store shunt packaging (electronic platform scales) ¡ú transfer station (electronic platform).

  There are three types of weighing scales, including hook scales, electronic scales and electronic weighbridges. For larger transfer centers, electronic forklift scales are also needed. Weigh different materials and different sizes of expresses using various types of weighing scales. So how can we reduce the cost of weighing?

First of all, we must choose a formal enterprise electronic scale.

For example, the hook scale / electronic hook scale, it is a small scale of the courier receiver, mainly for small pieces weighing within 5KG to weigh. Here, Yajin Electronics reminds that after using the hook scale for a period of time, the tension sensor inside will always be not enough, so it is necessary to calibrate the hook scale regularly.

Second, choose a new intelligent electronic scale

The electronic platform scale is a kind of weighing scale used by small and medium express outlets. The general electronic platform scale can only meet the basic original weighing requirements of the express outlets, that is to say, the process of weighing and the process of recording and weighing the results are two separate steps.

    In fact, this is one of the sources of many dereliction of duty (such as missing items, lost packages, etc.) that are now criticized in the express delivery industry. For example, before the shipment turns around, the staff will enter basic information into the computer, such as the sender, phone, address, and so on.

    The process of weighing and recording the results of statistical weighing is carried out separately, so that in the process of turnover, the shipment can only guarantee the lack of leakage or the loss of the package by the carefulness of the staff. Conversely, if these two steps are operated at the same time, the weight of each large package will be in the warning range, and each individual shipment will be scanned at the time of weighing to ensure that its weight change is known at a time.

    For example: a package weight of 1.2KG was sent from Shanghai to a street in Nanjing. The shipment information is input to the computer and network for inquiry at the receiving point. The turnover process of this shipment is roughly the receiving point¡úregion transfer station¡úShanghai terminus¡úNanjing station¡úNanjing district transfer station¡údelivery network¡údelivery.

    Then weighing and weighing the recording process at the same time means that each time the transfer process will monitor whether the package is 1.2KG, so if there is a packet loss, the data will not match.

    Therefore, in general, the main initiative of the express delivery industry to reduce the cost of weighing is that the electronic platform scale combines the weighing process with the shipment management, which not only makes the weighing process more efficient, but also greatly saves labor costs and service quality in gasoline. The special period of rising costs is a good way to reduce costs.