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Application range of automatic sorting checkweigher

Issuing time:2019/6/11 13:59:25

The automatic sorting checkweigher is mainly used for automatic weight detection, on-line identification or weight grading selection in various automated packaging lines. It is widely used in online high-speed packaging of pharmaceutical, food, health care products, daily chemicals, batteries, light industry and other industries. Checkweighing application.

  The automatic sorting checkweigher detects the weight of the product on the production line with high-speed dynamic weight reading method, and can accurately detect the unqualified products in the continuous production line, and perform on-line discrimination or automatic weight sorting according to this. The control is especially suitable for the inspection of missing parts in packaged products.

  The packaged products are weighed and tested by the checkweigher, and are returned to the original conveyor belt by qualified ones. If they are not qualified, they are rejected (or alarmed), and the products are classified and counted according to the settings, and the feedback signal is automatically provided to adjust the correction feeding equipment. , text display fault alarm information, a variety of graphical statistics display and other functions. It can save manpower, improve efficiency, avoid unnecessary loss caused by excessive packaging or customer complaints caused by insufficient weight, and improve customer satisfaction. It is a professional quality inspection equipment for automatic production lines and packaging lines.

  Automatic sorting checkweigher features:

  1. Standard 5 weight classification areas, the screen is directly displayed;

  2, can store 100 kinds of product data, product switching is convenient;

  3. Weight classification and statistics, fault alarm information;

  4, touch-type liquid crystal display terminal, hierarchical password protection;

  5, three-stage conveyor structure, effective guarantee accuracy;

  6, the conveyor is easy to disassemble, easy to repair and maintain;

  7. The conveyor speed can be adjusted to meet the site requirements;

  8, stainless steel structural support, surface wire drawing;

  9, can be installed according to customer needs of various expansion equipment.

  Note: The detection speed and accuracy depend on the weight, size and delivery status of the product. Due to the different detectors, the detection capability may differ.