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Electronic platform scale instrument maintenance tips

Issuing time:2019/6/11 14:04:08

We should pay more attention when using the electronic platform scale instrument, and try to avoid damage to the electronic platform scale instrument caused by improper operation. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the maintenance methods of electronic platform scales, hoping to help everyone.

First, in order to ensure the clarity and service life of the instrument, the instrument should not be used under direct sunlight, and the place should be relatively flat.

Second, it should not be used in places with dust and vibration, to avoid use in humid environments.

Third, the sensor and instrument must be connected reliably, the system should have good grounding, away from strong electric field, strong magnetic field, sensors and instruments should be away from strong corrosive objects, away from inflammable and explosive materials.

    ¡ø! Do not use in the presence of flammable gases or flammable vapors; do not use in pressure vessel canning systems.

    ¡ø! In areas where lightning strikes frequently occur, reliable lightning arresters must be installed to ensure the personal safety of operators and to prevent lightning damage to the instrument and corresponding equipment.

    ¡ø! Sensors and meters are static-sensitive devices. Anti-static measures must be taken during use. It is strictly forbidden to perform welding operations or other strong electric field operations on the measuring device. During the thunderstorm season, reliable lightning protection measures must be implemented to prevent sensors and lightning strikes. The damage of the instrument ensures the personal safety of the operator and the safe operation of the weighing equipment and related equipment.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use strong solvents (such as benzene and nitro oil) to clean the casing.

5. Do not inject liquid or other conductive particles into the instrument to prevent damage to the instrument and electric shock.

6. Before plugging and unplugging the instrument and external equipment, you must cut off the power of the instrument and the corresponding equipment!

7. The external interface of the instrument shall be used strictly in accordance with the method marked in the instruction manual, and the connection shall not be changed without authorization. If there is a malfunction in the use of this watch, immediately unplug it and send it to a professional factory for repair. Generally, non-professional manufacturers should not repair it themselves to avoid causing more damage.